School of Music Auditions

The School of Music audition experience is an exciting and information-packed day on the OU campus designed to provide all prospective music majors with the opportunity to visit campus, learn about the collegiate experience at OU, audition for admission to the School of Music and for scholarship consideration from School of Music scholarship sources.

Applications to the School of Music are due 2 weeks prior your audition date. If you select one of the main audition dates, you will be notified of your audition/interview time(s) via email approximately one week prior to your selected audition date.

If you choose to arrange your audition directly with a studio, it is your responsibility to contact the appropriate areas to schedule your audition(s) / interview(s). Students who complete all necessary audition(s) / interview(s) before March 1 will receive priority for music scholarships.

If you have any questions about degree auditions, please contact Kaitlin Kendel at or (405) 325-3856. If you encounter any technical problems with the form, please contact the School of Music webmaster Daryl Nagode at

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If you are auditioning for a Spring term (beginning classes as a major or minor in a Spring semester), your audition must be 'Arranged directly with studio'. The standard audition days are for students beginning classes in the following fall semester.

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